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a world-class ERP solution for companies of varying sizes.


From Point-of-Sale to General Ledger and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.


Agility and efficiency for your Manufacturing operation.

Service Management

A service management solution to improve customer satisfaction and retain your customers.


Manage your Retail business with a single solution. No added complexity, no inconsistent data, no struggle. All our solutions can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.


Manufacturers can achieve more with their businesses — delivering new efficiencies on the plant floor increasing margins. Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV will help you solve core business problems while increasing productivity to stay nimble enough to keep ahead of the competition.

Service Management

Transform your service operation and provide a quality service to your clients. Manage your service contracts, inventory and service repairs to deliver a personalised experience to foster client loyalty.
where ERP enters the picture


Any business today is only as efficient as the software backbone that connects and supports its various functions, from behind-the-scenes to the more visible client-facing activities.

Does the “left hand” of your company know what the “right hand” is doing? And is the process seamless, synchronous and efficient?


ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning; a single integrated software solution that allows companies of varied sizes to manage their entire business, including financial management, sales and marketing, supply chain management, manufacturing, service management, retail and projects.

This powerful software will also collect data to provide you with insights into efficiencies, potential cost-cutting, customer behaviours, and areas in which additional investments would be wise.

We won’t just give you these new tools and abandon you, however, as our implementation and project management teams will guide you through the process right from analysis to operation.

At Just Dynamics, we’re proud to provide a one-stop facility to cater to all your ERP-related needs.

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Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV

A business management solution to transform your business.


world-class ERP solutions to companies of varying sizes


Start with what you need now, and easily adapt as your business needs change.


A consistent user experience across devices makes it easy for your people to complete their everyday tasks, whether they're in the office or on the go.


Product Sales

Just Dynamics is a Microsoft Dynamics value added reseller (VAR) and authorised reseller. We are therefore authorised to sell the associated licenses to clients, in addition to managing the ongoing enhancement plan process between clients and the supplier.

Solution Design

Once we’ve had the opportunity to understand your requirements, our team will determine the best strategy for you. Once you’ve reviewed and approved it, we’ll launch its implementation.

Project Management

Planning and Control is essential to ensure implementation success. Just Dynamics has adopted the recommended implementation methodology from Microsoft, and thus ensures that both our teams and yours are established, aligned and governed by project management principles.

Product Configuration

The majority of clients’ needs can be handled by the standard solutions we offer. Our consultants will configure them in such a way as to meet your specific requirements.

Requirements Analysis

Before implementing a solution, it’s essential for us to understand and evaluate your requirements. There are often multiple solutions or approaches that can be adopted. Upfront analysis allows us to understand your processes, in order to determine the most appropriate product for your needs.


Should we encounter gaps along the way that isn’t covered by the standard solution, our team can customise or tailor the solution for you.

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