About Project

Trident South Africa (Trident) has a long and proud history, with a reputation as a quality manufacturer of underground locomotives for the South African mining industry as well as interests abroad.

When the Chicago-based Goodman Equipment Company folded in 2003, Trident already held the license to manufacture and distribute their machinery for the African Continent.

Recognising the huge opportunity this presented to the company, Trident took the plunge and bought the intellectual property which would enable them to manufacture and distribute Goodman equipment worldwide.



Solution Provided

Just Dynamics proposed that Trident South Africa implement Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV.

Clumsy manual processes combined with the lack of a proper job-bagging system, and no formalised workflows or road map were just some of the challenges faced as the product line expanded.

The implementation of NAV at Trident has transformed the business. Benefits and efficiencies gained are:

  • Streamlined and simplified
  • All shipping documentation and invoices are generated and bar-coded
  • Cost estimates are quick, and customers benefit from the improved accuracy
  • Streamlined purchasing
  • Smarter production planning and minimal stockholding
  • Custom designed workflows assisted Trident to anticipate their clients’ needs better
  • Control and confidence to make critical business decisions
  • Provides access to actionable information



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