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UCS Technology Services (UCS TS) is a leading service provider to retailers across South Africa. UCS TS sell, implement and support software solutions as well as buying, selling and renting out hardware. With over 25 years of experience in the provision of retail technology solutions, the company supports more than 16,000 retail sites of various sizes. The core focus of UCS TS is the provision of in-store solutions and services.

The company works with all tiers of the retail market and can create highly sophisticated, customised solutions for both large, multi-store, multi-country retail environments, as well as for small- and medium-sized retail operations.



Solution Provided

We used the standard NAV 2009 with some minor customizations to handle their procurement and selling of stock.

We built in functionality to handle the rentals which involved creating Fixed Asset and service contracts automatically during the sale of the hardware.

As most of their stock is serialised and they needed to track the serial number for warrantee purposes, we integrated hand held scanners to handle the receipt and shipment of the stock as well as stock counting.
During the implementation we merged and cleansed the data from the two separate accounting systems they were running into one database.

The result of the NAV 2009 implementation has been positive. They have been live since July 2011 and since then have experienced:

  • Improved efficiencies in finance due to there being only one set of accounts.
  • Tighter financial controls because this is now centralised.
  • Better control over stock because it is now in one system
  • The recurring billing process is now a fully automated task where previously it was only partially automated.
  • The sales quoting has become more accurate as it is no longer done outside of the system in Excel. The process is also now much quicker.
  • Revenue is now accurately allocated and also recognised in the correct periods.
  • Reporting has been enhanced because there is only one financial system. The months are now closed off sooner than they were before.


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